Partial Discharge Testing

PD Detection

– Understand the principles and signs of partial discharge in electrical systems.
– Capable of identifying partial discharge patterns and severity level of each type of PD before the incident occurs.
– Understand all type of technology and sensors suit for partial discharge testing
– Have appropriate procedure and methods for PD testing each type of assets such as transformers, medium voltage cabinets, cable, GIS, electric motors and generators..
– Effectively choose appropriate tools for testing PD such as handheld tools or monitoring system 24/7

          Training objectives:
– Technicians, PdM engineers.
– Maintenance manager and persons in charge of the uptime of equipments in service.
– M&E contractor or third-party service companies provide PD testing service.
– People wish to learn about technology and application of partial discharge related to non-destructive testing technology.

Course Details

– Introduce principles and partial discharge formation process in power system
– Common types of partial discharge
+ Floating electrode
+ Corona
+ Surface discharge
+ Voids (internal discharge)
+ Particle
– Learn and analyze current partial discharge testing technologies
– Analyze partial discharge type via PRPD and PRPS pattern
– Testing PD and with PDetector kit practice with multi-sensors and multi-technology
+ Airborne acoustic (ultrasound)
+ Contact probe
–  Practices with Fluke ii910 to detect and identify Partial discharge location via SoundMap technology which helps to locate quickly.
– Procedure of performing PD test for typical equipment (Medium and high voltage cabinet)

+ Switchgears
+ Transformers
+ Power cables
– Analyze and report via some actual PD cases.


           Instructors and Certification:
– Instructor has certificate level 2 for online partial discharge testing issued by Power Monitoring Diagnostic Testing and certificate for online partial discharge testing with SoundMap technology issued by Fluke.
– After completing the training course, attendees will get a certificate of completion of online partial discharge testing training course issued by RCMI and Fluke Viet Nam.


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