PD Detection

PD Detection


– Early detection of insulation degradation helps:
+ Limiting the number of unplanned shutdown.
+ Reduce costs for troubleshooting such as: (1) output reduction (2) Labor cost and maintenance (3) Cost of replacement equipment.
+ Improve production and operation stability, increase competition and maintain a good image with partners.


– Processing and manufacturing factories
– Commercial building
– The manager or who is in charge of substation, distribution system of medium voltage cabinet.
– Managers who want to improve the reliability of factory equipment and machines, minimize unexpected unplanned shutdowns.


Partial discharge (PD) is the local breakdown of the dielectric of a small portion of a solid or liquid insulation system under high voltage stress. As defined by IEC 60270-2000, “partial discharge is only a partial bridge of insulation between conductive parts and can occur far away or adjacent to the conductive part” and it can cause irreversible damage for liquid and solid insulation systems.
The “”Partial Discharge”” test helps to detect errors and insulating defects of the system early as well as evaluate the status of the system. In many cases, partial discharge is the first sign before a complete discharge, causing failure and severe evaporation of electrical equipment in power stations, medium-voltage cabinets, transformers, generator and medium voltage cabling system.

There are five types of “”partial discharge”” that usually appear
(1) Floating electrode:

(2) Voids

(3) Surface discharge-tracking

(4) Corona discharge
(5) Particle discharge

Perform the test, determine location or area with partial discharge phenomenon using multi-sensor, multi-technology for the most efficient detection test. After checking, conduct analysis and advise the customer about the cause on the actual condition of equipment and system.
Scope of work:

Step 1: Determine the area to check and the equipment to check

Step 2: Conduct work and determine the location and area where partial discharge is suspected
Step 3: Analyze location and result of partial discharge
Step 4: Report analysis results and recommendations

Using a combination of 02 measuring devices:

(1) Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager with ultrasonic technology and Soundmap.

(2) Pdetector multi-sensor partial discharge tester kit 1



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