Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis


– Understand the root causes of rotating machine vibrations;
– Understand the overall condition and details related to mechanical parts;
– Get advice on ways to correct the word to fix the mechanical damage, if any;
– Improve the operational stability of machines and production lines.


– The plant is implementing a PdM program or needs a service to analyze the condition of rotating machines;
– Important electric motors and rotating machines in the production line such as fans, pumps, compressors, generators, gearboxes, conveyors …


Vibration Analysis is one of the important diagnostic tools (PdM – Predictive Maintenance) in implementing a maintenance strategy based on RCM – Reliability Centered Maintenance. However, access to technologies, training of human resources, investment in vibration analyzer, is sometimes not feasible in terms of investment costs in factories. Recognizing the need, RCMI is pleased to bring the most efficiency from vibration analysis services to priority machines in the factory with a team of senior specialists and high-tech analyzer.

– Measure, diagnose and trend level of RMS vibration (velocity, acceleration) according to ISO 10816.
– Using PeakVue+ (exclusive technology of Emerson) to evaluate bearing and lubrication condition.
– Analyzing spectrum (FFT, Order tracking) of vibration velocity and acceleration.
– Analyzing vibration time waveform.
– Analyzing PeakVue spectrum in order to identify failure of bearing (inner, outer, cage and roller), impact of gears, gearbox…
– Phase analysis (if necessary).
– Orbit analysis (for sleeve bearing and if necessary).
– Run-up/Coast-down.
– Bump test when machine is running.
– Transient analysis (if necessary).

Fluke 810

Emerson AMS 2140 4-Channels


Fluke 805


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