• Vibration monitoring with IIoT, cloud data, remote accessed by smartphone or laptop.
  • Capable to analyze the root cause of vibration by using AI technology that brings reliability and peace of mind to users.
  • Estimating machine life situation by using AI technology.
  • 6-in-1 sensor: 3-axis vibration, ultrasonic, temperature, humidity, magnetic flux and speed.
  • Optional wifi or 4G LTE connection function, convenient for condition monitoring system and suitable for factory needs.
  • Alerts via email, sms, notification.
  • Ability to connect to PLC/SCADA/DCS systems via the OAS Connector tool.


  • Critical electric motors and rotating machines in the factory.
  • The factories plan to improve condition monitoring system according to the IIoT trend.

Wireless vibration monitoring technology is the trend of industrial maintenance. Most modern factories today have been implementing this technology to improve the efficiency of maintenance and machine condition monitoring. Because of the benefits that it brings such as continuous monitoring, remote access, warning when there is a problem by phone, email. In addition, the ability to self-analyze and estimate device life using AI technology has also been developed and integrated. Nanoprecise with its Machine Doctor product line with RotationLF software is one of the leading brands in technology with extremely outstanding features.

  1. 6-in-1 sensor: 3-axis vibration, ultrasonic, temperature, humidity, rpm speed, magnetic flux
    • Vibration collecting data: wide band, high sampling rate
    • Triax MEMS sensor, measuring vibration in X, Y, Z axis
    • Fmax: 8kHz (X, Y), 5.1kHz (Z)
    • Max amplitude: +-40g
    • Lines of resolution (LOR): configurable from 100-24000 lines
  2. Ultrsound: bearing asessment (wear, high friction) and machines noise.
    • Frequency range: 100 Hz-80kHz
  3. Temperature: Measure the surface temperature of the bearing housing, evaluate the bearing’s failure condition at late stage.
    • Resolution: 0.02 deg C
    • Range: -40C to 120C
    • Accuracy: +/-0.1C in 0-40C range and +/-1C outside that range
  4. Humidity: Enviroment monitoring
  5. Shaft speed (rpm)
  6. Magnetic flux: Monitor the process of increasing / decreasing the load, running / stopping the machine when monitoring vibration. In addition, the ability to detect damage problems affecting the total magnetic flux of the motor such as unbalance, short circuit, damage to the magnetic core…
    • Range: Adjustable +/-2 Gauss to +/-200 Gauss
    • Sensitivity: 0.0002 Gauss to 0.02 Gauss
    • Sampling rate: 20kHz
  7. Other specifications:
    • IP68
    • ATEx Zone 1 (or option Zone 0)
    • Battery: 2-5 years (or 3-8 năm tùy chọn), battery life trending


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