Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography

– After the training course, participants:
– Have an overall view of asset condition-monitoring program in maintenance.
– Understand the background in infrared thermal imaging
+ Heat transfer concept
+ Operation of thermal imager and thermometer
+ Factors affect measurement results when testing equipment with thermal imaging technology.
– Understand how to capture image and choose right thermal imager to suit the need for your own job.
– Capable of taking good quality image for analyzing and storing.
– Ability to make basic diagnostics about actual condition of equipment.
          Training objectives:
– Technicians, PdM engineers
– Maintenance manager and persons in charge of the uptime of equipment in service
– Students with major in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and construction.
– People wish to learn about technology and application of thermal imaging related to non-destructive testing technology

Course Details

– Introduction to thermal imaging and applications
– Learn about thermal imaging technology
+ Level and span
+ Palette
+ Understand the differences between thermometers and thermal imager (long-wave and mid-wave)
+ Emissivity, background and transmission
– Heat theory
+ Principle of heat transfer
+ 03 types of heat transfer:
– Heat conduction
– Radiation
– Convection
– Thermal imaging applications
+ Electrical application
+ Mechanical application
+ Other application
– Fluke thermal camera equipment practice
– Thermal image analysis and make report on Smartview software and repair priority assessment according to NETA standards


          Instructors and Certification
– Instructors have certificates about Infrared technology level 1, level 2
– After completing the training course, attendees will get a certificate of completion of thermal imaging analyst training course issued by RCMI and Fluke VietNam.

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